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Special offer celebrating ‘Sea Gypsies’ movie premiere!

Hi dear Infinity friends,

We're all super excited on Infinity, as right now our movie 'Sea Gypsies' is premiering at the Mountainfilm festival!

To celebrate our premiere we are giving budding adventurers special opportunity to join Infinity Expedition by offering 20% discount if you sign up for any voyage before June 6th!…


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new routeplan for 2016 - we sail in the caribean

check out our new routeplan - 2016 we are in the caribean - sailing

Dec 2015: Atlanticcrossing from Capetown to the Caribean – Leewardislands

Jan 2016: Sailing, Diving, island exploring Caribean - Leewardislands

Feb 2016: Sailing, Diving, island exploring Caribean - Windwardislands

March 2016: Sailing, Diving, island exploring Turks and Caicos Islands, Bahamas

April 2016: Atlanticcrossing Bahamas via Bermudas to the Acores Islands

May 2016: Acores…


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Rolling with the Changes

Wow, how things have progressed. My apologies for not posting more regularly. While working on our own "Salvo" I landed a position on a much more modern, high tech power vessel, an Azimut 55S. So, now we have a foot in two worlds, wooden sailboat traditional and modern power, high tech. We now work for a private client and that been very busy with an engaging variety of details from galley to engine room. I have found a permanent crewman for "Salvation" but, here again now we are both caught…


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Disposable World, thow a way people

Just to be clear...we are saving a vessel that is not a pedigree, not particularly historic and that contemporary society would deem disposable. Still, i do see her as a resource, with timbers that may have been saplings when the pilgrims landed, she has a lot of strength and sturdiness left to her and the only reason most others would toss her aside is for lack of knowledge or cost of labor does not balance against cost of item to be retained. I, for one, I do not agree with our disposable…


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I Will Give You My Little Ship!

This is what we're going to do.

I will GIVE you my little ship the "Salvation"!

It is a good boat, needs work.

First you have to help us fix her up and then crew with us to New Zealand on a year long sailing voyage through the South Pacific.

This… Continue

Added by Jerrid Greenbaum on November 12, 2014 at 19:30 — 8 Comments

3D Printers for Sailing - Sailing - Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailors,

I go to my local library quite often and they recently acquired a 3D printer for their members to use. So 3D printing has hit the mainstream! How about 3D printers for sailing?

I have been completely fascinated by the printer and always stop at the machine, where it is prominently displayed in the library lobby. I have taken some photos of some the projects that people have submitted to be produced by the 3D printer.

Here are a few of the things I happen…


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Cruiser's U Tips - Sailing - Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailor,

Yet more tips from Cruiser's University in Annapolis this past April.

Here we go!

Cruiser's U Tips - Anchors:

Sail Away Girl Cruiser's U Tips

  • Have different styles of anchors to accommodate different conditions and bottoms. At a minimum you should have two anchors.
  • Have an anchor that is at least one size larger than the manufacturer…

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Crossing the Gulf Stream - Sailing - Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailors,

Once again more great information gathered at Cruiser’s U. This time it’s tips for crossing the Gulf Stream.

Something sailors definitely respect is the Gulf Stream. You want to avoid the short steep waves that occur if you cross at the wrong time.

The Gulf Stream is created by many factors, the rotation of the earth (Coriolis effect), different water temperatures, different salinity levels, varying seabeds and of course winds.

All of these factor…


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Cruiser's U Tips - Sailing - Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailors,

Yep I still have more Cruiser's U tips for you. The last day of the workshop I attended Ralph Naranjo's seminar that covered everything from crossing the Gulf Stream to weather, to ocean passage planning, to getting the appropriate boat for blue water sailing.

So today I will wrap up my notes from Cruiser's U with tips offshore…


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Help me get to Australia - Sailing - Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailors,

Been on the road for a conference this week, so I got behind on posting. Plus I got some unexpected great news late yesterday.

As a blogger, I follow many of the industry leaders in this arena in an effort to improve my content to make it valuable for all of you and also to make a living so I can fund my planned sail around the world.

So earlier this year I purchased a very coveted ticket to a conference in Australia. These tickets sold out in hours and I…


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Cruiser U Tips - Sailing - Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailors,

As promised I have yet more Cruiser U Tips from Annapolis. Today's tips are on the electrical side of things for cruising comfort and smooth sailing. So here we go.

Cruiser U Tips Marine Batteries:

  • Get the biggest size starter battery that your boat can accommodate and place it has high in the boat that you can. I learned in my Power Squadron class that this battery should be on it's own separate from the house batteries as you will need it to…

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More Tips from Cruiser's University - Sailing - Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailors,

I have so much to share that I learned from the Cruiser's University seminars in Annapolis back in April. So I want to share some more of the valuable tips from Cruiser's University that I picked up in the seminars. Today's focus is on the offshore cruiser, but some of the tips apply to day sailors too.

Things that make cruising life easier in general

  • Electric windlass & remote
  • Lazy jacks if no in mast…

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Cruiser's University - Sailing - Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailors,

I attended Cruiser's University in Annapolis in late April. This was an awesome workshop that was led and attended by seasoned cruisers from all over the US and the world.

The four days of classes started, for me and fifteen other wonderful women, with Cruising for Women. This two day class was led by the lovely team of Pam Wall and Kathy Parsons. Both of these women have sailed around the world at least once and offered us all a wealth of knowledge from their…


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hallo to everyone, my flight goes on 26th of november to gran canary/las palmas, and I'm looking for a ship to cross the atlantic. caribbean or south america it doesn't matter to me, but I prefer the caribbean to get to panama and further in the pacific. I also have no time limit... I'm 29, non-smoker, I can cook and I have my guitar with me. dont hesitate to contact me:)

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Using Your Noodle - Sailing - Sail Away Girl

Hello Sailors,

I belong to many sailing groups online and especially on Facebook. One of my favorite groups posted this picture of using a swim noodle to muffle the sounds of the halyard banging on the mast and in turn get a much better night's sleep.

The ingenious use also saves wear and tear on the mast and shackle on the halyard. Just like gymnasts use mats to cushion the blow of any falls, the swim noodle lessens the impact versus metal on metal. Now that's using your…


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looking for boat from cuba to mexico


me and my friend naama looking for bout from cuba to mexico, between 13/8  -  30/8

we not have experienc but we are readiness to learn and help in everything is needed 

i also a good cooker 

the two of us from israel and we now traveling in center america

bless u :)

yasmin and namma

Added by yasmin vashdi on August 5, 2014 at 17:34 — No Comments

Miami Lady Crew available

29th May 2014 ready now. In Miami. Excellent experienced mature sailing crew. Never sea sick. RYA certificates. Own a sailboat in UK.

I am free until 1st Juy 2014.

Added by wendy polard on May 29, 2014 at 18:30 — 1 Comment

Crew Wanted Florida to Cheasapeake

We are a 35ft Traditional Ketch looking for crew to sail from Florida to Cheaspeake, calling at Miami, St Augustine, Charleston  and Norfolk. Crew are expected to participate and contribute to provisioning and the everyday running of the boat.

The Voyages of the Ketch Sandpiper is a facebook page set up for the friends and community surrounding our boat.

Added by Dorry Spikes on May 24, 2014 at 14:05 — 1 Comment

A Brazilian Guy trying to find some unpaid/paid job

Hi Everybody, 

I'm from Brazil, in São Paulo, and i'm trying to find some job to know all the world (no need to be all the world, but you know what i mean). I have the attitude to learn new things and discover new places, and for me don't exist problems, just new solutions...I have 21 years, and i prefer to stay in a Crew for 1…


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 Aloha, I’m Ari Safari , I have a unique situation. I am everything from perched upon to nestled into ,to diving under and wrestling with …my gorgeous 70’ teak and Mahogony  sailboat. She’s a beauty and sails like a dream but she’s also several handfuls to handle!

I got into this fine vessel  with a partner and a dream. The partner…


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New Float Plan Website Launching on the 7th July

Thank you all for using the Float Plan Website. I am excited to announce that the new website is ready! There are many great features help you find a safe boat to sail on. I hope you join us again. I will be sending out an email on the 7th with a link to the new website. 

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