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The Float Plan Story

Floatplan was started in 1996, but I can not claim to be the ‘founder’ because it was well established as the 'The Cruisers' Companion' before I came along. It was only after talking with Jim in Apri… View »

Getting Started - The Gudie

Getting started Floatplan is completely free to join, but you do need to sign up for an account before you can reply to other members and receive messages. We ask our members to create an account t… View »

Test Boat Wanted Form 3 Comments

Thank you for taking the time to review the form below, we look forward to your feedback. Please comment below or send us a message.

 Also check out the New Crew wanted form and have your say. Thank… View »

Test Crew Wanted Form 3 Comments

Thank you for taking the time to review the form below. We want to make the process of finding a boat or crew as easy as possible. We look forward to hearing your feedback. Please comment below or se… View »

Get Verified

Being verified is a great way to make the community a safer place for everyone. If you see a member has had their identity verified by our team you can see that they are accountable but please still… View »

Questions For The Skipper

Don’t think asking lots of questions will make your trip less of an adventure. Take it from us, the more questions you ask the better prepared you will be for the trip. Also read 'The Floatplan Guide… View »

The Floatplan Code Of Conduct

There are some very simple things you agree to when you become a member of our community. If you are here for the right reasons (to sail, to travel and meet more great people) they are nothing to wor… View »


New Float Plan Website Launching on the 7th July

Thank you all for using the Float Plan Website. I am excited to announce that the new website is ready! There are many great features help you find a safe boat to sail on. I hope you join us again. I will be sending out an email on the 7th with a link to the new website. 

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