Crew Wanted - New Sailboat Owner looking for experienced sailor to help sail from Florida to the Keys and beyond

I am the new owner of a 1976 Catalina 27 called "Bicentennial Belle". I need a First Mate to teach me how to sail and accompany me in Florida, the Keys, and eventually to the Caribbean. I live in Florida near Miami currently and live on my boat and want to sail by this fall to several destinations in the Caribbean to include the Bahamas, Cuba, Cozumel, Belize, Mexico ("the circle") and wherever life takes us. I am a retired Aircraft Technician, Pilot (Captain), Computer and Electronics Expert, Planetary Scientist and Astronomer, Disabled Veteran, and a good cook. I have my retirement pay, medical insurance and full insurance with towing package on my boat for the U.S. Anyone looking for a summer adventure in Florida and the Keys, and later to the Caribbean, please help me learn to sail. You must have a lot of sailing experience, clean (no bums), no cigarette smokers (herbs OK), light drinking and partying OK (no drunks),  and willing to follow Captains orders. This is a non-paid job but I will supply basic food, ships boarding, and some extra money to have some fun at exciting ports. If you are also retired that's a big plus as you will be able to understand me better and enjoy your retirement as I am! Please no grouchy old men or know it all's! I been there and done that too, and need no lifestyle corrections from anyone!

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when are you planning to sail the Caribbean?

Ulises Estrada said:

when are you planning to sail the Caribbean?

Ulises Estrada said:

when are you planning to sail the Caribbean?

This fall after hurricane season is over and I get either sailing training or more experience. That's why i'm looking for someone now, and not only when I go to the Caribbean. I need someone to sail with me to the Keys right now because it takes an experienced sailor because of the area. I am spending the summer in the Keys and sailing the Gulf Stream to Bimini when its safe to do so.


Thank you for using Float Plan for your crew finding needs. I am excited that the new Float Plan website is ready to launch and will be going live on the 7th July. Could I ask you to please set aside sometime to recreate your listing on the new website on the 8th of July? 
Here are a few of the features you will see on the new website:
Full boat specs
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It is my aim to make finding people to help sail your boat as safe and easy as possible. 
Please join me on the website. 
If you need access to the old website after the 7th to check replies please contact me. 
Andrew Sanderson

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New Float Plan Website Launching on the 7th July

Thank you all for using the Float Plan Website. I am excited to announce that the new website is ready! There are many great features help you find a safe boat to sail on. I hope you join us again. I will be sending out an email on the 7th with a link to the new website. 

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