ATTENTION All Positions For Everyone Wanting To Learn How To Crew On A Professional Charter Sailing Yacht

ATTENTION All Positions For Everyone Wanting To Learn How To Crew On A Professional Charter Sailing Yacht


We own and operate the top rated sailing yacht in the Virgin Islands.

Our season is from Christmas thru July.

Our off-season is from August until Christmas.

We are approaching our off-season, when we offer an "internship" for multiple positions. 

Here's how it works:

If you have no experience, then we will spend our off season training you while you live, work and assist on our yacht.  You will learn routine boat maintenance and shipboard skills that are fundamental requirements for most any professional position onboard a busy charter yacht. 

Those wanting to be Captain, Engineer, or Deckhand will learn:

  1. Basic engine and generator maintenance.
  2. How to check and change oil & filters in engines.
  3. How to trouble-shoot, repair and replace bilge pumps.
  4. How to repair and replace head macerators.
  5. How to operate and drive a tender.
  6. Driving, docking & mooring ball approach skills.
  7. Catching/hooking mooring balls.
  8. Tying knots, lines, cleats, pilings, fenders, etc.
  9. Splicing lines
  10. If you're a certified diver, then mooring ball maintenance. 
  11. Proper boat appearance maintenance to make a boat "charter ready".
  12. Operating engines & generators.
  13. Operating and maintaining water-makers.
  14. Operating and maintaining Bauer SCUBA diving compressors.
  15. Basic electrical systems & wiring (240 vac, 12 & 24 vdc)
  16. Basic plumbing systems
  17. Teak refinishing
  18. Basic fiberglass maintenance and repairs.
  19. Basic wood finishing and varnishing

Those wanting to learn Chef/Sous Chef, Hostess/Housekeeping will learn:

  1. Operation of all galley equipment:  
  2. Safety & Operations for galley gas ovens and stoves, gas BBQ grills.
  3. Proper BBQ grill cooking skills.
  4. Electric and gas griddles & skillets.
  5. Pressure cookers
  6. Convection ovens
  7. What to use microwave ovens for and when to never use a microwave.
  8. Slicers & dicers
  9. How to operate most efficiently and effectively in a galley with limited space.
  10. Housekeeping duties
  11. How to "dress" and "stage" a cabin.
  12. How to service a cabin in record time.
  13. Cooking meals in bouncy seas.
  14. Timing meals around a busy itinerary.
  15. Creating the perfect menu
  16. Provisioning for guests and staying within budget.

The lists above are just a sampling of what you will learn.  If you have questions and want to learn more about other areas, just ask as we are happy to give you all the experience you'd like in all the areas you'd like.

These are not paid positions.  This is for you to learn while living for free on our yacht.  We provide:

  1. Living accommodations in your own cabin.
  2. All meals every day.
  3. All the practical training and experience that you need to work in this business.
  4. Small stipend each week to buy incidentals and for recreational fun expenses.
  5. Up to $300 for return airfare after completing the program.

 We are currently over 25% Sold Out for our 2018 season.  At the end of your internship, we will be hiring 4 people to fill 10 positions listed below:

  1. Captain
  2. Engineer
  3. Deckhand
  4. Chef
  5. Sous Chef/Chef Assistant/Cook
  6. Hostess
  7. Housekeeper
  8. Dinghy Operator
  9. Activities Director
  10. Tour guide for Snorkel & Dive trips, and Hiking trips

Our first charter for the new 2018 season is late November 2017.  This year looks like another big season, so from the beginning of our Christmas charter until Spring Break, we expect to be booked solid, and you can be part of it.

If you'd like to work on our charter boat for our 2018 season, then you can consider your internship a "working interview" where you will gain all the skills and experience necessary to crew on a charter boat.

If you are chosen as one of our 4 crew members, here is what we offer as pay:

  1. Average of $1,000 - $1,400 per charter, (most charters are 7 days)
  2. All meals are provided for you.
  3. All living accommodations are provided for you, living on board our yacht.
  4. Charter uniforms when working on charter
  5. All laundry for uniforms and bed linen and towels.
  6. Our typical charter season consists of 20-25 charters.
  7. Do the math... working 7 months, you will go home with over $25,000 cash.


  1. You must be honest with a true desire to learn this business.
  2. Ready and willing to work hard to learn as much as possible during internship.
  3. You must be over 18 years old and have a USA Passport.
  4. If you are seeking a position as a chef, then you must already have cooking skills so you can learn how to best utilize those skills on a charter boat.
  5. This is a fun internship, but it is not a vacation.  Please don't think you will be drinking all day and partying all night because that isn't what this is about.  This is about learning through doing.  This is about work. 
  6. You will learn from the best boat in the business, how to be the best that you can be, and how to be the perfect crew member that any charter boat would be proud to sail with.
  7. There will be time to explore and have fun snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, wake boarding, beach combing, tiki-bar hopping and such, but remember that your primary purpose is to learn the skills necessary to crew a charter boat.  If you're not coming for that reason, then please don't come.


If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, then please reply right away because we only have a few openings available and they fill up quickly.  ONLY Serious need apply please.



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